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Social Commitments

Our Social Projects

  • Imparted special skills as a pilot project to 60 drivers to maintain speed within the maximum speed limit when on state, Highways, National Highways and on city roads. The safety of school going and other children was at the core of the special skills imparted.
  • Truck/ Bus drivers and LMV drivers were administered pledge 'MilkeKasamkhnaynge – Garhi slow chalayenge' in the specially organised function to mark the conclusion of the week.
  • Motorcyclists, car drivers along with other stakeholders joined and marched on a road with 'Save Lives- Slow Down' placards to sensitize the drivers and other stakeholders for enhanced road behaviour and care to keep the bloodshed away from the road.
  • 2000 'Save Lives- Slow down' labels were distributed during the week for pasting on cras and school buses

#Save Kids Lives

Why are thousands of children killed and injured on the roads around the world every single day? Waiting for the school bus, walking to school or cycling to school- a simple journey ends up becoming a stressful experience for the parents. If roads are dangerous so are the footpaths and cycle paths too.

It may be riding pillion with a guardian or in front of the three-wheeled scooter or motorbike, the journey is full of hazards at every turn.

To draw attention to the dangers to a child's life on the roads a major Global Campaign Save Kids Lives has been launched world-wide to protect children globally on the world roads. As we all know more than 30% children and young people are the road victims in 1.2 million road accidents world over.

is a campaign that requires signature endorsements from children and adults alike and awareness building through events in schools, colleges, universities and in the community centers or elsewhere coordinated by the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration. It was launched 6 months before the Third United Nations Global Road Safety Week in May 2015. The campaign is co-led by children and calls for urgent action to halve road deaths and injuries by by 2020; the target established in the Global Goals, the Sustainable Development Agenda for the next 15 years (2030).

It does so by:

  • highlighting the plight of children and the vulnerable on the roads;
  • generating worldwide action to better ensure our safety on the roads, starting with children;
  • calling for strong commitments to save lives on the roads to reach the Global Goals targets.
The campaign operates on the principles of the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 and is managed by a broad coalition of members from the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration.